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About Qualia

Who We Are?

We created Qualia Credit to fill the gap in credit facilities available to Canadians with medium-range credit histories. Banks are notorious for only taking flawless credit histories, on low risk asset backed loans. On the other end of the spectrum are payday lenders and high credit lenders such as title loans. Most of these lenders only take credit risk into account for determining acceptance but not interest rates.

What We Offer?

At Qualia Credit you can borrow anywhere from $500 to $25,000 with same day funding for loans up to $2000. Your interest rate will be customized to your credit situation, your recent banking history, and whether you choose to collateralize your loan. We offer loans as low as prime + 3% for qualified borrowers, up to prime + 25% for higher risk applicants. If you're looking for a smaller value loan fast, you may wish to go elsewhere to get online 24/7 e-transfer loans.

Our Vision & Mission

We aim to open up the credit market to Canadians in a more fair and reasonable way, so Canadians can work their way out of bad credit. We are committed to ethical lending practices and the principle of rewarding good financial decisions with better rates, no matter where you are on the credit spectrum.